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Testimonial by Florence

The word Pilates has always struck a cord with me... and all it took was an encounter....

I’ve been practising Stott Pilates once a week for two years now.

I could never have imagined the change it has made to my body.

You should have seen me at the start!! Thoracic kyphosis (rounded upper back), right shoulder higher than the left (when I thought it was the other way around), hidden chest, no abdominal strength, chronic pain, no pelvic movement. I could hardly turn my head and had a constant stiff neck.

And now, thanks to the Corinne Guillou method, my body has been transformed! I have acquired stability, I stand up straight, my arched back has gone, my chest is visible! I have improved flexibility, my pelvis has learnt how to move. My body doesn't cause me pain any more. But that’s not all!! On top of some very intense personal development work, Corinne has helped me to let go by restoring my body to its main function, the role of leader. Our body is in charge and knows what is good for us... and to achieve this, we need to listen to it. It is our pillar until we leave this earth and we have to place our trust in it.

It has not been easy changing my mindset and switching roles but it has been absolutely necessary!!

You then get into a rhythm and each physical milestone brings me back to the “real” me. I assert myself now and I’m not afraid any more. I place trust in others and I trust myself.

As something I experience in my daily reality, I believe that physical discipline is essential for balanced human growth.

Each class brings me unparalleled well-being. I release all of my tensions and “digest” my emotions.

The biggest lesson I've learnt is that anything is possible. By catering to all body types, Stott Pilates offers everyone the chance to progress, regardless of their life's journey.

My willpower and this method have been my best allies and will remain so as I continue to progress.

What I find the most incredible on this adventure is what Life offers us in each moment. So I thank Life for having placed Corinne on my path.


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